Byline: Andani Matumba

15 March 2022

Community members around Evander have reported several cases wherein people’s belongings were taken by the usage of what may be said to be charm or hypnosis.

According to Captain Meshak Mhlanga, Evander Police Station, only on the previous Friday, 11 March 2022, four (4) cellphones were taken from members of community not by force but they were tricked or muthi was used.

“This occurred after a lady who alleges that she was walking on Bologna Street next to Evander Magistrate Court when an African man touched her on the hand with something sticky like chewing gum and when she tried to check what it was, the said man asked her for her cellphones and she gave him two (2) cellphones,” said Captain Mhlanga.

“The lady was also asked for her wallet and she gave him the wallet and the man took out a R500 from her wallet,” added the captain.

According to police report, the woman could not tell what happened and the only thing she could remember was that a Nigerian man asked her for something and she fell into what felt like a trance, when she looked for her belongings, 2 cellphones had disappeared.

With concern, the Captain further stated that another incident involving two children who were playing next to Boeta slaghuis (butchery) when they were approached by an African male who asked them for assistance in the church behind that slaghuis and he promised to pay them after the job is complete.

“The man told the children that the pastor at the church does not trust anyone so they should give him their cellphones so that he can take the cellphones to the pastor, and he shall take down their cellphone codes an their cellphones will be returned when he comes to fetch them to do the work inside the church,” said Mhlanga.

“The children gave him their cellphones and the man walked towards the direction of the church, when the children tried to follow him, he then informed them that the pastor will see them on the cameras.

The man walked as if he was going to get into the church gate but the children noticed a white Toyota Corolla sedan.

The man got into the said vehicle and it drove-off`,” added Mhlanga.

Captain Mhlanga warns the community members not to be easily robbed and must be aware of anything or anyone who comes to them with the cellphone stories and they must immediately report similar incidents to the police on 017 6323333 or 017 6322322.

“Please help us to assist the vulnerable community,” pleaded Mhlanga.