Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

14 March 2022

Ms. Jabulile Mhlabane celebrated her birthday yesterday, 14 March 2022, at the Thomas Nhlabathi Secondary school.

Mhlabane said while growing up she received birthday presents on most of her birthdays therefore as she turns a year older this year, she felt the need to identify learners who are needy through the Learning Support Assistant (LSA) at Thomas Nhlabathi Secondary School.

She donated full school uniforms to seven (7) learners at the school.

This time around, she was doing this initiative out of her own pocket.

“ In this manner, I thank God for blessing me with another year to celebrate this I want to lend a hand to the less fortunate.

Every child need to feel comfortable in their school uniform,” said Mhlabane with passion.

Ms. Mhlabane along with her delegation from Gert Sibande (GS) TVET  college  further engaged in a dialog with the  leaners with the aim of  identifying challenges the learners are faced with on a daily basis, not just in their schooling but mainly pertaining their personal wellbeing.

“It takes a village to raise a child, poverty should not lead one astray.

People who take advantage of the needy are criminals and I am saying this because the perpetrators can tell whether a student is smart and trick them into using their intelligence in corrupt ways,”

Mhlabane further urged the Thomas Nhlabathi leadership team to identify more leaners who needs assistance in the school.

The Principal of Thomas Nhlabathi Secondary School, Mr. Ndivhuwo Tshiswaise was overwhelmed by the Mhlabane’s gesture.  

“Out of the all the schools, you picked us and for that we are grateful”.

Principal Tshiswaise further stated that he was graceful for the knowledge being shared with the learners because this initiative insures that Thomas Nhlabathi Secondary School becomes a better school.

According to one of the learners at the dialog session, the session was an eyeopener and it gave him the opportunity to be able to make informed decision about his life as well as choosing a career path suitable for him.

“After this dialog the action plan is to create an awareness on the 16th of June which is youth month, where different speakers will be invited to assist where they can,” said Mhlabane in her closing.