Govan Mbeki Municipality in partnership with Sinapi Global (PTY) LTD invited the mining houses for a presentation of (ALEDF) Acceleration Local Economic Development Framework. The mines which attended includes, Anglo Thermal Coal Isibonelo, Sasol Mining, Overlooked Colliery, Evander Gold Mine, Exxaro Coal Central, Glencoe Operations and Taung Gold International. Different issues were discussed during the meeting, including the challenges faced by the municipality, especially after the protest by eMbalenhle residents.

The Executive Mayor, Ms Florah Maboa-Boltman mentioned that the municipality lost 41 assets during the protest.
The ALEDF aims to change the lives of the people within the municipality. It will also assist in alienating poverty, unemployment and inequality.

It will also address the challenges faced by businesses locally, especially the unemployed youth. The mayor said the municipality will strive to better the administration, attend to the socio-economic issues and ensure that all legislative practices are implemented correctly.

Ms Maboa-Boltman further said, “the LEDF is an approach towards local development that will focus on poor business relationships among many business owners.

“We need to impact positively on the challenges we are faced with in the business sectors such as skills development, enterprise development, have access to the market to achieve economic transformation, SMME’s and the building of social houses must also be addressed.

“We also have a challenge in agricultural activities and we do not have many farmers in Govan Mbeki Municipality.”

At the end of the presentation, a pledge was signed with the companies in hope for a better and successful future for the GMM and the business sector.