Byline: Andani Matumba

14 October 2022

Health workers at Embalenhle Ext 4 clinic in their closing of the heritage month hosted a Heritage Day event on Friday, 30 September 2022 where staff members wore their traditional regalia.

Different types of foods from different cultures were prepared for the luncheon.  

The event did not interrupt the operation and attendance of patients by nurses.

According to Sister Jane Mathlou who is the clinic’s manager, the purpose of the event was to bring all the heath workers from their facility together despite their culture or tribe.

“We live in a diverse and multi-cultural community where we are guided by our own values and cultural as well as religious backgrounds.

Therefore, the backdrop of this event was for co-workers to come together and learn about each other cultures and tolerance of their difference,” said sister Jane Mathlou.

“Cultural or heritage events also bring us closer to understanding our patients and dealing with this diversity in the medical space,” she added.

Sister Mathlou further emphasized that such eventful activities unite and break barriers between colleagues.  

Different foods from diverse cultures were prepared and the stuff members shared amongst each other, experiencing the cuisine from different cultures.