Byline: Levhuwani Matumba

09 March 2022

A family in Kinross Ext 25 (same yard where the 2010 shop is) woke to a nightmare after more than 30 goats were stolen the early morning of Wednesday, 09 March 2022 at about 1 am.

According to the family, they received a phone call from someone telling them their goats were seen on the road with two men behind them.

When they woke up, they realized that the gate was forced to open, and all the goats were gone.

“We immediately went out to the same road but could not find them or see any trace of them,” said one of the family members.

Kinross Police Spokesperson, Sgt Jaco Nagel confirmed that the case of theft of goats to the value of R74 000 has been opened and anyone with information can contact them on 071 238 9931 or 10111.