Byline: Levhuwani Matumba

09 March 2022

The community of Embalenhle Ext 12 was up in arms trying to prevent the eviction of young unemployed men from their home.

The eviction that took place on Wednesday, 9 March 2022 was done by the sheriff of the high court who was accompanied by more than seven police vehicles.

According to the evicted siblings, their mother moved into the house while they were still young and were raised by their stepfather who happened to be the owner of the house.

The stepfather did not have children of his own, hence he raised them as his own.

After the passing of both their mother and stepfather, they were informed that the RDP house is being sold by their stepfather’s brother.

“We tried to stop him from selling the house but because we are unemployed, there was nothing we could do,” said one of the evicted siblings.

The man who is said to be the one selling the house did confirm to Seskhona Media that he indeed sold the house.

When asked where will they go since they no longer have a home? They said, “We have nowhere to go because this is the only home we know.

Even if some people can temporarily accommodate us in their homes, they will soon get tired since we are not working,” they said.

According to the information received by Seskhona Media, the evicted family was allowed to temporarily go back into the house after the intervention of certain government officials.

The community of Embalenhle urged the government to intervene and help the two siblings have a home of their own.

Anyone who can assist the family can contact John at 071 215 2895.