Zamokuhle Taxi Association together with Leandra residents used the registration weekend to intensify their protest in demand of government
intervention to their transport problem.
The protest started last month by Zamta when they blocked all the roads passing and entering Leandra.
Residents vowed to support Zamta after taxis transporting learners to Secunda were blocked by Vukanini Taxi Association members at Kinross.
On Saturday, all voting stations were closed and on Sunday, some of them were open under heavy police presence.
The Minister of Cogta Dr Zweli Mkhize and MEC Ngomane met with Zamta and Vukta in closed doors trying to resolve the issues.
While the meeting was underway, some local political leaders tried to calm the situation, promising residents that the MEC will address them.
On Sunday, 27 January MEC Ngomane gave feedback on the outcome of the meeting.
Ngomane told residents that a decision was taken by both taxi associations that Zamta will not make return trips with passengers between Leandra and Secunda.
They will only transport them to Secunda and passengers will be brought back by buses to be arranged by the government.
The MEC did explain that there is a problem with Zamta permit and that prevent them from loading passengers in Secunda.
He further made a promise that outstanding issues preventing them to load in Secunda will be dealt with.
Residents became angry and refused to listen further.
Some residents asked the MEC if he is failing to address the issue because he has taxis operating under Vukta, but the MEC did not respond and only laughed it off.
Some residents said what bothers them is the fact that buses move at specific times and should one miss them, there is no alternative transport except hitch hiking.
“The government is not taking us serious and should they fail to address the issue, we will not vote,” said some of the
after the meeting with the MEC.