Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

07 February 2023

Sub-contractors from Kinross took to the water pipeline project site next to Kinross police station on Monday morning, 06 February with the intention of enforcing “tools down” for the workers.

This is after the contractor is alleged to have placed toilets and a security guard at project site without following the proper procedure of advertising a post and going through the hiring process.

A meeting was therefore called inside the project site with some of the business owners who wish to be subcontractors.

Unfortunately the Seskhona news team was not permitted to be part of the meeting and was promised to be given an update on the proceedings of the meeting.

Upon completion to what looked like a victory as the sub-contractors looked rather pleased of the outcome of the meeting.

Sfiso Mtsweni who is also in the small business owner gave a statement to Seskhona team.

According to Mtsweni, an agreement was reached between the contractor and the sub-contractors to return the toilets where he got them and that he will have to appoint sub-contractors from Kinross following the proper procedure.

An agreement regarding the Security personnel was reached that they will remain in positions since they reside in Kinross which makes if fair for them to keep their positions.

The contractor will meet again with the sub-contractors on Monday, 13 February 2023 to see if the matter this matter can be closed. 

Sub contractors outside the water pipeline site caucusing