Byline: Andani Matumba

21 September 2022

The three (3) suspects arrested in connection with the Emzinoni murder of the two men appeared at the  Bethal Magistrate Court today, 21 September 2022 for formal bail application.

Community members gathered outside the magistrate court picketing for the release of the accused persons.

According to a family member of the accused persons, a mother and a son were arrested last week Thursday, 15 September 2022 and further arrest of the co-accused who is a foreign national shop owner has since been made.

The arrests came after the two (2) men were killed as they were accused of breaking into the home of the suspects. 

According to a statement made by a community member close to the family, the deceased could have been murdered by the members of the forum since they approached the forum for assistance after the break-in, as the perpetrators had already fled the scene.

The deceased were located, found and brought before the family by community members and according to information received, the family told the members of the forum to hand them over to the police.

According to the family, it came as a shock that they are now arrested in connection to the said murder.

The accused persons are charged with two (2) counts of murder and assault with a common purpose.

The state prosecutor argued that the was no report from the DPP to show that there was a conspiracy to commit a crime with a common purpose and made an application for the matter to be postponed to Friday, 23 September for formal bail hearing.

It was also argued that the accused be not kept at Emzinoni Police Station due to the threats from the community to burn the police station.

The Magistrate, on that aspect ruled that she has no power regarding the holding of the accused persons and that solely lies with those responsible for holding the accused persons