Mpumalanga DPCI Spokesperson Captain Dineo Sekgotodi responded to a complaint of suicidal threat by one of the patients at Themba Hospital. The incident happened on Friday, 27 March 2020 at about 8am.

Capt Sekgotodi was briefed about the whole situation by the local police station Commander before she proceeded to the hospital.

On arrival she could see the victim standing outside the ward on the window sill and threatening to throw himself down from fourth floor building.

Captain Sekgotodi spoke to the police members who were already on scene and the hospital staff members to get background information.

She positioned herself and proceeded with the negotiations following all the correct procedures and managed to build a relationship and trust between herself and the victim.

Negotiations with the victim took 2 hours but finally managed to get him and was safely handed over to the Psychiatrist Doctor Mabaso.

According to Capt Sekgotodi the man was admitted at the hospital on Thursday, 26 March to be treated for the neck injuries.

The man who seemed to be mentally unstable tried to commit suicide on Thursday by cutting himself on the neck with bottles and razors.

While admitted at the hospital, he also tried to hang himself and after he failed, he decided to attempt throwing himself from the window on fourth floor building.