Miss Sylvia Mbanjwa’s love and passion to help the abused women and children will soon fade away, should she fail to get help.
She established Velile Victim Empowerment Centre in 2010 after she realized that most women who suffer abuse from their families do not have anywhere to go.
Sylvia said she understands the pain they go through because she was also abused from her young age.
Currently the Centre do not comply because of no electricity and proper sanitation.
Sylvia shared her eight year journey of struggling to get electricity, but that did not deter her from continuing to help women and children.
“In 2014 they Department of Social Development closed the Centre and it was opened again.
“Now I am at the verge of losing it again,” said Sylvia who further mentioned that only God knows that her aim is to help women and children.
Sylvia said it is funny that organizations which aims at helping people struggle to get the basic necessity such as electricity and proper sanitation.
“Check how many women have unsafe abortions because they do not have anywhere to take their children.
“How many gets killed by their partners because they do not have anywhere to go?” Added Sylvia. For now she do not have children in her premises until she comply, but after school they go and visit her and some goes there for food.
Sylvia thanked all the organizations and people who helped her for eight years and urge businesses to help her get electricity and sanitation.