Kinross Ext 25 Budget Consultation meeting saw Councillors use cellphones as lights.
The meeting took place at the municipal yard, which do not have electricity and the hall is without windows.
During the meeting, the Councillors were asked to clarify what happened to the money alleged to have been put into the municipality for servicing Marikana.
The money was said to have been paid out by the district.
MMC for Community Services, Cllr Anthony Makhaye said they were not aware of such information and promised residents to investigate the matter.
They also demanded to know why residents who pay their rates regularly had to suffer electricity interruptions?

At Kinross Sasol Club residents showed concern on the amount allocated to buy the mayor and the speaker’s vehicles.
Another concern was the incorrect billing of accounts and non availability of monthly statements.
One of the resident requested Regional Manager Robert Mashiane to attend Kinross meetings regularly because he is able to respond better than all Kinross councillors.