A Kinross family was terrorized by their teenage boy who stole anything from home, including his siblings school shoes and sell them.

When they buy grocery, he will empty it, go and sell to get money to buy drugs.

According to the community, the young man did not only terrorize his family, but the whole community.

The said family lost their mother few years ago and the older sibling had to look after the young ones.

According to one of the resident, the young man was vulnerable and used by the older drug addicts.

“They wake him up at 4am to go and steal so that they are able to buy drugs,” said the man who lives near the shack used by drug addicts.

One of the resident said she caught him stealing in her home and she phone the police, but they never pitched.

Last month the same young man was caught by the cameras stealing from a certain house in Thistle Grove (Area).

The victim located him and he admitted on stealing the door and sell it for money.

He agreed to take them to the house of the woman who bought the door, and on their arrival they did find the said door which was bought by the woman for R50.

The police van escorted him while he was carrying the door, taking it back to the rightful owner’s home, but was later released since the case was not opened by the complainant.

According to the family and some members of the community, the police were approached but he was never arrested. Last week one of his family members said he was running out of patient and will take law into his own hands.

Seskhona media was approached and referred the matter to the Department of Justice.

After two days the family relative reported that the young man was arrested.

They thanked the department of justice for stepping in to assist since they did not know where to go anymore.