Byline: Andani Matumba

10 July 2022

The Govan Mbeki Municipality infrastructure is under siege after it was stated in a Media Statement released by GMM that security guards at the Embalenhle Wastewater Treatment Works were ambushed by armed robbers who stole electricity supply cables.

The criminals are alleged to have been armed with guns when they ambushed the sewer treatment plant.

It is further alleged that the criminals overpowered and assaulted one of the guards at the scene.

According to Mr Donald Green, Acting Head of Communications at GMM, the criminals cut electricity cables which supply electricity to the plant.

Green said the Municipality is currently working closely with eMbalenhle SAPS in investigating the matter and the damage is being quantified meanwhile sewer spillages may occur as a result of the damage to this essential infrastructure.

Areas likely to get affected by the cable theft are Ext 25 and Ext 1 and the municipal water and sanitation team have been deployed on site to monitor the performance of the plant.

“This is not the first incident of vandalism, as in the past few months, the municipality has been experiencing intense vandalism at the plant and we are pleading with members of the community to help protect the infrastructure” said Green explaining that theft, damage and vandalism of municipal infrastructure are worrying factors.

Mr. Green stated further that the municipality is forced to spend millions of rands on an annual basis just to replace the stolen parts of the infrastructure.

“Cable theft hampers service delivery on the part of the municipality and its consumers.

The municipality will be working closely with the SAPS to ensure that the perpetrators account for their actions,” he said adamant for the criminals to be brought to book.

The municipality further urges residents to assist by reporting and guarding against the vandalism of its infrastructure.