Mr John Mgcungela becomes emotional when he narrates his story on how he ended up living in a very small shack at a farm in Bethal Town.
Mr Mgcungelwa decided to move into a farm after he lived in a tent at Bethal Taxi Rank for some time.
He used to stay in another farm while he was still in good health and after some time, the farm owner began to ill treat them and that was how he moved to stay on a tent near the taxi rank.
He lost his leg after an accident and someone promised to claim from the Road Accident Fund on his behalf, only to find out later that it was a scam.
Mr Mgcungelwa is well known by Bethal residents for travelling long distance with his wheelchair from the farm to town, especially during month end.
Even though he is well known and was also seen living in taxi rank, no ward Councillor approached him so that he can apply for an RDP.
He currently stay alone in his shack and explained that one day the shack caught fire and he lost everything in it.

“Fortunate enough, my ID was in my pocket and was saved.”

He uses paraffin stove to cook.
During his conversation to Seskhona Newspaper reporter, Mr Mgcungela raised concerns of not being able to reach the hospital because of the distance.
He further mentioned that he would love to own an RDP house and live a better life.
According to him, he do not have a problem of relocating to another area, as long as he would be near shops and clinic.