Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

07 April 2022

Residents of eMbalenhle Thusanang Cress Street, Ext.12 have been experiencing a crisis with stagnant water since the year 2017.

One of the residents, Mr. Bahlekazi Sizwe said rainy days are extremely worse for him and his neighbors as the water drain in their street is blocked.

The drainage system is said to be blocked after attempts to fix the damaged road.

It is alleged that there was a manhole, except the municipality damaged drain, which some people threw waste inside causing the municipality to close it completely.

Mr Bahlekazi’s yard after rain
Outside Mr Bahlekazi yard when it rains.

“Every time it rains, I struggle to get out of my yard as it will be flooded with rainwater.

I personally have to make some means to get the water out of my yard.

This has been going on for a long time and damaging the foundation of my house, my furniture is also damaged because of this problem,” said Mr. Bahlekazi showing some signs of being distressed by the whole situation he finds himself in.

When asked if they have requested assistance from the municipality Mr Bahlekazi said they have but the problem was not resolved.

“The municipality only graded the road which further led to the blockage of the water drain.

We are pleading with the municipality to help as this water is damaging our properties,” pleaded Mr. Bahlekazi.