Social‭- ‬issues like crime‭, ‬poverty‭ , ‬teenage pregnancy and gangsterism in schools are some of the leading problems in the township of Embalenhle‭. ‬Founder of Individual Brilliance Organization‭, ‬Ntokozo Mthembu says he started this Non-Profit Organization to‭ ‬try and minimize such problems in this community‭.‬

The organization works with various stakeholders from school principals‭, ‬clinics and hospitals to various government departments‭. ‬

They involve as much stakeholders as they can because people come for assistance to the organization with different problems‭.‬

Individual Brilliance was established in 2018‭ ‬but was only registered and fully functioned this year‭. ‬

“The organization currently has 41‭ ‬committed members‭, ‬who work hard to help the community with different problems that they come‭ ‬across‭. ‬

The primary objective of this organization is to fight crime‭. ‬The people of eMba have lost faith on the police‭, ‬people always complain of being ill-treated or not getting fair service at the police station”‭, ‬said the founder of the organization Ntokozo Mthembu‭. ‬

Mthembu said that‭  ‬the organization is there‭  ‬to close the gap between the police and the eMbalenhle community but he says it is not easy because most of these crimes are committed by hardcore criminals‭. ‬

He further added that one of the challenges they are currently facing is lack of funding‭. ‬“Our volunteers need to go for training‭  ‬so that they can be able to protect themselves while they patrol the streets of Embalenhle at‭ ‬night”‭.‬

Apart from fighting crime‭, ‬the organization also works with schools to help end bullying at schools and gangsterism among school‭ ‬children‭. ‬Mthembu‭  ‬urged people to come to their organization for any problem they might‭  ‬need assistance with‭.‬

Those who might need help from Individual Brilliance organization can contact Mr Mthembu on 072‭ ‬9322‭ ‬or send him an email at