Keo Mokolopo made the country proud after she scooped a bronze medal at the World Jump Rope Championship‭. ‬

She and the other four skippers were sent by the‭  ‬South African Gymnastics Federation to represent the country in Norway from 3-12‭ ‬July, with Keo being the Team Leader‭. ‬

The first bronze medal was won by the Men’s Single Rope 30‭ ‬second Relay Team who were represented by Malusi Tumtumana‭, ‬Mkhululi Gosa‭, ‬Buyisile Hubela‭ (‬Khayelitsha‭, ‬Western Cape‭) ‬and Sonopo Tshilwane‭ (‬Free State province‭).‬

Keo Mokolopo from Mpumalanga‭, ‬Embalenhle added another‭  ‬bronze medal in the Single Rope Freestyle competition‭. ‬

According to the‭  ‬South African Gymnastics Federation‭, ‬this is the third year in a row that Keo is returning to South Africa with a medal in the freestyle section‭. ‬

Keo took to twitter and said‭, ‬“It was one tough competition‭, ‬but‭ #‬TeamSA was just as tough‭.‬”

she went on to show her excitement after everyone in her team managed to get a medal‭.‬
The Bronze medal was not the only achievement Keo scooped, she also received the Sportswoman of the Year 2018 and World Jump Rope Championship Medalist 2018 from the South African Gymnastics Federation.