By line: Andani Matumba

14 February 2022

Valentine’s day is a day of love, however the same cannot be said to the learners at Hoërskool Jan.

Chaos broke out at Hoërskool Jan Viljoen this morning, 14 February 2022,  between black and white parents following the violence which occurred at the school.

It’s alleged that the violent fight broke out on Friday, 11 February 2022,  between black and white pupils at the school with some believing it was racially motivated.

It is also alleged that the Principal of the school and his wife refer to black and coloured learners as “ hooligans”.

Gauteng MEC of Education, Panyaza Lusufi visited the school today.

The aim for Lesufi’s visit is to get clarity on what the actual circumstances are behind the fight and find out from the school itself whether it has taken any steps against any of the learners involved.

During his visit, tensions remained high outside Hoërskool Jan Viljoen in Randfontein and the parents stood divided across racial lines over allegations of racism at the school.  

As MEC Lesufi was inside the school meeting with the governing body and the principal, a large contingency of private security was trying to keep pupils within the school premises and protesting parents out. 

In his address after the meeting the MEC said, “I have noted all the WhatsApp messages which were sent to us, all the evidence given to us by learners at this particular school and we have handed them over to the police and the South African Human Rights Commission.

He also condemned acts of violence and urged the parents to demonstrate to the children in the school that as parents differences can be resolved in an amicable manner.

“ There will be no child who will be restricted from coming back to the school and those who were identified as culprits will be attended to appropriately”, says the MEC.  

Pupils from other schools in the area also went to join the march outside Hoërskool Jan Viljoen.