Byline: Andani Matumba

29 August 2022

An urgent application by the Democratic Alliance in Govan Mbeki Municipality was dismissed by the Constitutional Court as there was no sense of urgency on the matter.

This follows after the DA filed an urgent application at the Middleburg High Court against Govan Mbeki Municipality and it’s Council for the removal of the speaker, Cllr Fikile Magagamela and the said application was struck from the roll due to non-urgency by Judge Thando Mankage on 14 June 2022.

The DA subsequently approached the Constitutional Court on an urgent basis to render the standing orders of Govan Mbeki Municipality unconstitutional and it was decided that there was no urgency in this matter and would have to be placed on the normal roll.

At the council meeting held at GMM chambers, MMC Doctor Mtshali urged councillors of various political organisations to try and “find each other” either than running to courts.

“We must learn to follow due processes and not run to the courts whenever we have a disagreement amongst ourselves.

I believe that is the only way we can be able to carry this municipality forward,” said MMC Mtshali.