By line: Andani Matumba

22 February 2022

According to Cllr Ciska Jordaan, the DA in Govan Mbeki Municipality has on, 10 February 2022, submitted a motion to the Acting Municipal Manager of GMM, to open and scrutinise the affairs of the Municipal Bid Adjudication Committee in Govan Mbeki Municipality.

“It is no secret that this municipality is practically insolvent due to crippling debts, poor financial management and misappropriation of funds.

This was found in a number of investigations that have been launched into the books of this municipality.

As part of an ongoing effort to encourage accountability and transparency to the residents that it serves, and to ensure thorough oversight, the DA has submitted this motion”, said Cllr Jordaan.

She further stated that the DA seeks – among other things – to exclude politicians from the Bid Adjudication processes, and to allow the public to observe committee meetings and publicize reports and recommendations of the committee.

“Transparency is at the heart of good governance”.

The DA maintains that the acceptance of such a motion in the Govan Mbeki Council is an effective measure to avoid tenderpreneurship, nepotism and irregular tender allocations.  

In her closing statement Cllr Jordaan said that the DA will continue to search for measures that will encourage public scrutiny and oversight into the affairs of the municipality in order to ensure that money meant for the people, is spent on this people.