Byline: Andani Matumba

10 September 2022

In the flight against the plight of pollution and increasing dumping site around the community of Kinross “Area”, community members embarked on a cleaning campaign which was launched on Saturday, 08 September 2022.

The clean-up team started cleaning the streets of Kinross from as early as 7h00 in the morning starting from Kinross Sasol Club, Thistle-groove Library, Kinross clinic, Sasolia Primary School and moving up towards Thistle Groove Secondary School.

The Community Clean-up Campaign team was able to fill up over 30 refuse bags of rubbish just from Kinross “Area”.

The Clean-up Campaign was advertised on various community social platforms calling upon volunteers to join the initiative, however the team was disappointed as only a small number of people showed up in support of the initiative which is intended to keeping their environment clean.

Some learners from Thistle Groove even ran away when they saw the team cleaning up their school following the opening the fourth quarter instead of helping.

“Our intention is that this becomes a monthly initiative which will take place on the first week of each month.

Volunteers will be encouraged to clean-up their own streets,” said Mr Allen Basana

“People normally have the mentality that it is not my mess then why should clean it up.

We are all responsible for the cleanliness of our community and each one of us must become role players in keeping our environment clean,” added Michelene Rampal who was also part of the cleaning team.

Michelene studied at Evander High School but that did not stop her from caring and contributing on cleaning the local schools in Kinross.

The Kinross Clean-up Champaign team calls on all individuals and learners to participate and keeping their environment clean because “it smarts with starts with you”.

The cleaning team ended the day with refreshments, ice cream and fruits which were donated by  families which took part in the cleaning and served at Thistle-Groove Secondary School.