Byline: Thendo Buasi

12 October 2022

Sasol hosted its annual sports weekend tournament at Leandra sports ground from Friday, 30 September 2022 until Sunday, 02 October 2022.

The tournament aims to inspire young kids around Govan Mbeki Municipality from the young age of U/13 till U/17 for both netball and football and the winning teams were awarded medals and trophies.

Submarine FC claimed victory in the semifinal games of U/13 Junior football against Midrand FC to face Slash City in the finals, Hence Slash City ended up claiming victory for the U/13 championship after a score of 2-1 against Submarine.

The U/15 boys from Submarine FC team claimed victory over Midrand FC in the semifinal to face Sondela FC at the finals, hence Submarine won 3-0 against Sondela at the finals to claim the U/15 tournament championship.

Barcelona FC team in the senior’s fixture claimed the victory over Black Panther to face Submarine FC in the final with the score of 1-0, whereby it also defeated Submarine FC to claim the senior championship with a 2-1 win.

The ladies netball U/14 champion of the tournament was claimed by Sasol Kinross 2 whereby Might Eagles took position 2 after being defeated by Kinross 2 in the final game with a 12-5 score hence Kinross 1 took position 3.

On U/17, the Tigeps team claimed victory and was awarded position 1 as champions of the tournament whereby the P.E team took position 2 after being defeated by Tigeps hence Midrand team took position 3.

“As a coach am happy although to me it’s not about a win but it’s about implementing what we practiced as a group,” said the netball Sasol Kinross coach.

He further stated that he foresees the team dominating the region in the current league they are playing as well as winning more trophies in the next coming tournaments as the players are dedicated.

Sasol appreciated all the players and teams that participated in the tournament and all the fans who came out in numbers to watch all the games and support them during the tournament.