Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

23 April 2022

As he gets a year older and in celebration of his birthday on 09 April 2022, a remarkable Aries and sports fanatic, Mr Ntokozo Mthembu the founder and coach of Dinaledi Football Club donated brand new soccer boots to young soccer players in Embalenhle.

The handover ceremony took place at Embalenhle Sasol Club on Friday, 08 April 2022, in the presence of stakeholders in support of Dinaledi Football Club.

The boys received 27 new pairs of soccer boots which were donated by Mr Mthembu with the joint efforts of his 

colleagues from different sectors.

Mr Mthembu said he was heartbroken while watching a soccer tournament the other day at Sasol Club in Embalenhle when he noticed most of the players participating in the tournament barefooted and that is when he realized the passion in their young hearts.

Therefore in celebration of his birthday, Mthembu thought he should do something different this year by giving back to the community.

Despite the changing weather with signs of rain and temperature dropping to a single digit, the soccer players still showed up in their numbers to receive their gifts.

“My wish was to collect 48 pairs of soccer boots, but unfortunately we could only reach up to 27 soccer boots at this stage.

Our efforts do not end here and we will not rest until we see that the boys are geared with full uniform,” said Mthembu with a sense of passion in supporting the boys.

According to Mthembu, soccer takes them out of the streets, and during practice, we apply training techniques that can be applied in a learning environment meaning that even a learner who is struggling at school can pick up a thing or two from soccer, and which also improves a healthy mind.

In her advice to the soccer players, Ms Nana Mavundane said, “We have been in the township and we have seen a lot and whatever you’re experiencing now, we have also experienced and overcame but know that you cannot overcome on your own.

The saying “man does not cry does not work”, you need to find someone you trust like Mr Mthembu whom you can share your challenges,” she added with the concern about the stigma within the township concerning men and boys and the fact that they cannot share their problems because that is the reason why most man and boys turn to alcohol and 

substance abuse.