Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

24 April 2022

As a car owner, you just do not know when your car will malfunction or be involved in an accident, irrespective of whether it is your own fault or not.

When such an unforeseen event happens, you immediately realize that you need assistance to move your vehicle away from the road, and that is when Mr. Smart Chide, the founder and owner of Emba Towing and Recovery Business steps in through his business.

“My journey in the towing and recovery business began a while ago working for Sectri-Auto Body as a tow truck driver.

Emba Towing and Recovery vehicles

I worked for almost a year as a driver until the vehicle I was driving got hijacked while on duty.

After the incident I felt unsafe driving trucks as it seemed at the time, trucks were a target of crime.

I informed my manager that I did not feel safe working with the trucks which came as a blessing and was promoted to the position of a supervisor,’’ said Mr. Chide.

During his communication with Seskhona Media reporter Nonjabuliso Nhlambo, Chide shared his passion for the work he does and what motivated him to start his own business.

“The company faced challenges and some employees were retrenched, myself included.

As someone who once struggled to get employment, I ventured into this business, considering the experience I gained.

In 2017 I registered my own company and bought a Bakkie.

It was not easy getting business but I pushed through and earlier in 2018 I managed to buy a rollback truck. 

Emba Towing and Recovery Company tow private cars, taxis, and anything with wheels except for horses and trailers because our capacity does not allow us to tow big loads.

I went to my then boss and told him about my business, to my surprise he supported me and till to date, we have a good working relationship.

Their services cover Kinross, Embalenhle, Secunda, Evander, and Charl Cilliers, we also work outside our jurisdiction be it long distance or short distance if our clients need services.

Rates differ between the services offered but we charge per radius, if it is outside our radius, we add per kilometer.

Our rates are reasonable,” He added. For more information contact the Emba Towing Company at 082 670 2103 and also on Facebook @ EmbaTowingandRecovery.