Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

07 September 2022

The residents of Emzinoni in Bethal were left speechless and shocked after they witnessed what seemed like a movie last night.

According to the information given to Seskhona Media by the eyewitnesses and some neighbours of the deceased woman who is said to be the grandmother of the suspect, they heard a woman crying for help last night between 7pm and 8pm.

“Help! He is trying to kill me,” those were the words of the deceased and by the time she cried for help, it was dark outside since there was no electricity.

The whole incident was said to have happened outside the deceased yard whereby the suspect allegedly stabbed her at the gate and dragged her back into the house.

Some people said they saw the suspect drinking blood from the deceased before he could drag her back into the house and later left the house naked walking down the street.

What surprised everyone was that people were just standing there watching him and no one had the courage to stop him or apprehend him until the police arrive.

Some members of the family were phoned and, on their arrival, they were met by the gruesome shock.

When asked what kind of a person the suspect is, those who know him referred to him as a good person who was very close to his grandmother, but his behaviour was said to have changed after he lost his job.

It is alleged that even yesterday (Tuesday), 6 September 2022 the deceased and the suspect were together during the day and there was no sign of arguments between them.

According to Sgt Cynthia Mtsweni from Emzinoni Police Station, a case of murder has been opened.

The deceased had three stab wounds, two on her heart and one on her chest.

The police could not confirm the allegations of rape since they are still waiting for the results.

The suspect is still at large.