Byline: Andani Matumba

06 November 2022

On Thursday, 3 November 2022 the Republic of Mozambique Pipeline Company (ROMPCO) held an official handover ceremony in Elukwatwini, Mpumalanga, where the gas transmission company presented a fire truck to the Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality (CALM).

ROMPCO accorded the fire truck to the municipality to capacitate the Elukwatwini Fire Disaster Centre in responding to and tackling fire emergencies in the district. ROMPCO, through the partnership with Sasol and CALM, will ensure that emergency personnel are trained on effective use of the truck to ensure that they are well capacitated to respond to emergencies.

The truck carries 500 litres of water and is agile to get to fire outbreaks. It can navigate crowded areas with ease and is equipped to put out non-structural flames as well. It will be dispatched to any fire emergency within a 50km radius of the municipal area, a great benefit for Elukwatini and the surrounding areas. 

Mashudu Ndou, Head: Community Affairs at Sasol said, “One of our social investment focus areas is Investing in Community Infrastructure to enable and improve the local authorities ability to respond to emergencies in the community and improve the level of public safety in the area. We believe this new fire fighting vehicle will make an immeasurable difference in the communities of Chief Albert Luthuli Municipality”.

ROMPCO’s 26-inch gas transmission pipeline runs through the community of Elukwatini and should there be an incident that requires emergency services, the new fire truck will enable emergency services to respond on time.