Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

08 May 2023

Govan Mbeki Municipality, in collaboration with Brotherhood Club SA, celebrated and recognized the passion and devotion of both past and present firefighters at the Lilian Ngoyi Stadium in Secunda on Thursday, 04 May 2023.

This day is precious because it honors the heroic firefighters who died while serving their communities, as well as those who continue to selflessly commit themselves and appreciate what they do for their communities.

This day also unites firefighters around the world to socialize more about their noble profession.

Different stakeholders who work together with firefighters were invited to celebrate this day with them.

The day started with a march from Govan Mbeki Municipality buildings to the stadium.

Firefighters were filled with joy and happy to be united.

“People look at firefighters wearing their uniform and say that we just chill at work and do nothing.

People don’t understand that we work hard, they might not see it, but we know that we wake up every day and help people,” said Mr Gereld Moswathupha.

Firefighters marching from GMM buildings to Lilian Ngoyi Stadium in Secunda.

Later on in the day, Ms Shelly Shabalala, who is the GMM chief fire officer and fire instructor, Mr Mdluli, visited Holfontein informal settlement to teach the community members more about fire safety diving.

Mr Mdluli also taught the community members how to make their own candle sticks without having to buy anything.

“I decided to join the event because I wanted to learn more about this career and socialize with people.

I feel it is safe for me to say that the event was a success and I got to meet new people amongst the profession,” said Busisiwe Mtshali, currently studying with LO Tantsi Fire Consultants.

Ms Shabalala thanked everyone for honoring the invite even though it was short notice and hopes to gather and celebrate this day yearly.