Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

08 May 2023

According to the source, it is alleged that Mr Daniel Maseko has been residing at Biskop in Kinross for decades now.

The old man moved to Mpumalanga at a young age to hustle for his family back home.

It is alleged that when Mr Maseko moved to this side, he worked at different places, including construction companies.

It is also alleged that Mr Maseko worked at a company which was located around Biskop and was closed down, which led to Mr Maseko residing in a room within the area, as he did not want to go back home.

After a few weeks of Mr Maseko not feeling well, the landlord decided to kick him out with his belongings on Sunday, 30 April 2023.

The landlord also helped with accompanying him to Evander hospital with his belongings.

After decades of leaving Emsobotsheni/Nkampani, Driefontein village in Piet Retief, Mr Maseko does not recall anything excluding his sister’s name, Delisile Maseko, who he alleges to have passed on.

Mr Masuku, ward committee member in Kinross, stated that he knows the suburb mentioned above but cannot drive there because of work.

Ms Jabulile Makoba, ward committee member in Biskop, along with residents plead for help with transporting Mr Maseko back home and reuniting with his family. For more information regarding Mr Maseko, contact Ms Jabulie Makoba at 072 123 7140.

Mr Daniel Maseko