Kinross residents have been experiencing water cuts for months.

Recently the situation became worse and residents began to voice out their anger using different social media platforms.

The social media platforms, especially residents whatsapp groups are buzzed by residents complaining of the lack of communication from the municipality.

“We voted for the ANC to be in government and now they do not even care to talk to the people who voted them.

“Our ward councillors are also useless while they get R3500 airtime allowance every month and one wonders what they use it for,” said one of the residents.

Thistle Grove residents are serviced by two ANC councillors, but they are accused of failing to help.

They now reach out to the DA councillors when they have challenges.

Seskhona Newspaper contacted the MMC for Technical Services, Cllr Dan Nhlapo to get answers regarding water cuts.

Cllr Nhlapo said their are struggling to fill up the reservoir due to the high demand in the area.

“We will implement the time schedules for the residents to get water from 5-9am and again from 5-9pm until reservoir get filled.

There is another leaked information which shows the communication between the GMM and Rand Water, whereby GMM is negotiating with Rand Water to remove the restriction from Thistle Grove for three days so that they are able to fill up the reservoir.