Gogo Nomsombuluko Nkosi will be celebrating her 105‭ ‬years birthday on Tuesday‭, ‬16‭ ‬July‭. ‬

The Embalenhle Gogo is still going strong as she is able to walk around in her house and maintain her bubbly personality‭. ‬

Gogo Nkosi’s face brightens when she shares fond memories of her growing up

“I worked for two years in a farm without getting paid‭, ‬just to get permission to build a house in the farm‭. ‬

“One year was‭  ‬for my parents and the other year I worked for my grandmother who was already old‭,‬”‭ ‬Gogo Nkosi recalls‭. ‬

During her youth years she used to walk from Leandra to Bethal‭. ‬

As the conversation goes‭, ‬Gogo kept on bringing the issue of young girls who do not respect their parents and those who drink alcohol‭. ‬

“During our time you would never talk back to your parents‭,‬”‭ ‬said Gogo who also thanked God for giving her a husband who did not drink alcohol or smoke cigarette‭.‬

She said her late husband enjoyed tea and would drink it from morning until late at night‭.‬

Gogo already lost eight of her 10‭ ‬children and she is left with no.8‭ ‬and the last born‭.‬

The first thing Gogo mentioned was her dissatisfaction with the RDP house built for her‭. ‬

“I had a beautiful four roomed house with a big kitchen and dining room‭.‬

“The municipality demolished it and built me this one with many cracks‭,‬”‭ ‬Gogo complained‭.‬

Her love for God is evident as she keeps on praising Him for all the good things He did for her‭. ‬

As the conversation continues‭, ‬she thanked the surviving children and grandchildren for taking good care of her‭. ‬

When asked about her church‭, ‬she spoke nonstop about God Never Fails Ministries‭.‬

“They come and pick me up on Sunday and bring me back‭.‬

“Sometimes they even buy me some groceries‭,‬”‭ ‬Gogo added‭. ‬

She is blessed with 63‭ ‬great grandchildren and some of them threw a surprise pre-birthday party for her‭. ‬

Gogo said the day her great grandchildren visited her‭, ‬she did not sleep because of excitement‭.‬