The Ambassadors of Success hosted a learning bootcamp during the school holidays‭. ‬

The bootcamp took place at Kusasalethu Secondary School under the Funda Nami Project‭, ‬which is one of the programmes under the‭ ‬of Ambassador of Success Organization‭. ‬

Funda Nami comprises of a group of students from different higher learning institutions and graduates whose aim is to help high‭ ‬school learners to better prepare for their future‭. ‬

“In our bootcamp we teach and train learners how to study better‭. ‬

“One of our goals is to train the learners to manage their time and do well in their studies‭,‬”‭ ‬said the President of ambassadors of Success Vusi Mahlangu‭. ‬

According to the ambassadors‭, ‬they cover range of topics they feel will prepare learners enough and improve their grades‭, ‬from time management to improving focus and recalling what they studied‭. ‬

Other programmes they have includes helping learners to apply for admission and bursaries‭. ‬

They also visit schools to motivate learners and share the reality of after matric life‭. ‬

One of the Grade 10‭ ‬learners Palesa Skhosana said since she started to attend the programme‭, ‬she has improved the way she studies and will be able to make good decision about her future‭. ‬

Those who would like to be part of the ambassadors or learners who wants to benefit from the Funda Nami programmes can contact Vusi at 060‭ ‬724‭ ‬8788‭ ‬or follow them on facebook as Ambassadors of Success or

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