Cybus Crew is a hip-hop genre group that was formed by four teenage boys who decided that they loved hip-hop so much and wanted‭ ‬to let people know that they too had a talent‭.‬

In 2017‭ ‬the group dropped a single which was well received but little did they know that the music industry is full of lows than‭ ‬the highs‭.‬

“There was a time when we were not able to release music because we spent so much time on perfecting one song and we ended up not‭ ‬dropping it but along the way we met someone who eventually became our mentor and featured on what became our hit song called Out Of Reach‭, ‬this song did very well because it was streamed by 90‭ ‬000‭ ‬people on all social media platforms”‭ ‬explaned Kelza‭, ‬one of the group members‭.‬

The group would like to work with the likes of Areece‭, ‬Flame and other hip-hop greats‭. ‬

The group has performed in many of South Africa’s cities but would like to expand and go perform in other countries as well‭.‬