15 year old Kholofelo Kumane is a self taught artist from Embalehle Ext 26. Kholofelo describes himself shy and not outspoken.

Art helps him deal with all that he cannot say.

“Growing up I did not have much to do or play with, so I would just mess around with pen, paper and pencil. It all started in 2014 when I was doing grade three, I would practice drawing after school using a paper and a pencil.

As time went on, I could see that I was doing very well artistically, but unfortunately I did not have the right equipment to do my work “.

Kholofelo says although odds are against him, he remains hopeful that his dream of being one of the best artists in the country will one day come true.

“With God’s grace, I have found people who believe in my work. About two months ago, I was given a job by Mr Mthembu to create his organisation’s logo, I did just that and he was very pleased with my work and he pushes me daily to work hard so that I can be who I want to be one day”, said 15 year old Kholo.

Kholofelo is currently doing grade 8 at Kusasaletho Comprehensive School in Embalehle. He said he would like to do EGD as one of his main subjects and would love to study arts in one of the best arts schools in Johannesburg after matric.

This young gifted artist added that he wishes to exhibit some of his work one day but does not have proper working equipment, anyone willing to help towards this young man’s dream can either donate new or old drawing equipment can call Kholofelo on 082 387 8179 or contact Seskhona on 017 687 0056.