Byline: Levhuwani Matumba

31 December 2021

It was all joy and happiness when 99 families received food parcels from the Kinross Anti-unemployment Forum on Wednesday, 22 December 2021.

According to Vusi Mabhena who is one of the forum leaders said they realized that most people are not working and the grant earned by the grannies, disabled people, and R350 for the unemployed is not enough.

“On behalf of the forum, I would like to thank Fempower Company for employing our members and also ensuring that the needy people in our area have a dignified Christmas,” said Vusi.

One elderly woman whose food parcel was delivered to her house since she is caring for her daughter who was bedridden due to sickness, could not hide her excitement when Vusi entered her house.

She thanked God for giving strength to people like Vusi who are able to care for the needy.

“Even though I get a grant for the old people, I do not get to see my money because it all ends in caring for my sick daughter.

Now I see you brought me basic needs like cooking oil and peanut butter.

We will have a good Christmas like others.”