21 December 2021

“As 2021 draws to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the stakeholders including Community Policing Forum, Youth Crime prevention, Bethal Taxi Associations, Bethal Business forum, Business Against Crime, Faith-Based Organization, Non-profit organizations, Security companies (Roman alarm, Bethal Security Service, Makjus) and the community at large for the continued partnership and support as well the assistance in the fight against crime.

To all the police officers stationed at Bethal Precinct, as well as the members of the other SAPS units and the other Law Enforcement Agencies that have assisted us during 2021, thank you for your hard work and dedication in squeezing crime in our precinct. 

To all the residents who are traveling during the festive season, drive safely, and please make arrangements for someone to take care of your house and ensure that all the necessary precautions have been taken so that your home does not look deserted.

Furthermore, as the holiday season is on our doorstep; people will be making arrangements to go away for the holiday and will be buying gifts. 

For those of you, who are staying at home, do not become complacent because of the holidays.

Ensure that you are still vigilant and that all security measures are in place. 

During this busy time, Bethal police appeal to the community to make proper arrangements to secure their property while they are away. But most of all, for the public not to create a market for criminals by buying stolen goods.

Second-hand goods dealers are urged to report all suspicious transactions to the police when they suspect that the seller of goods is providing false information about it or where the goods are suspected to be stolen or tampered with. 

Bethal SAPS Wishes you and your family a wonderful and peaceful and safer festive season.

Remember, Covid-19 still exists, and we encourage people to always follow all Covid-19 regulations. 

To report any form of crime to the police, contact Bethal police on 060 802 2876 or 017 647 9941.”