By line: Levhuwani Matumba

03 March 2022

The annual social soccer tournament hosted by Kinross United FC this past weekend was a huge success‭, ‬with teams from Mpumalanga‭,‬‭ ‬Kwazulu Natal and Gauteng competing for the championships‭. ‬

The tournament ended with the finals on senior teams between Kinross and Centurion‭. ‬

Centurion senior team won the tournament with 1-0‭ ‬against the host‭. ‬

Kinross United was awarded a penalty few minutes before the final whistle but went astray from the nets‭.‬

During the closing ceremony‭, ‬Mr Wazar said‭, ‬“First let us thank all the people who were involved to make sure that the tournament becomes a success‭. ‬

I know each of you have ‬been starving to play football for‭  ‬the past two years in terms of the tournament‭. ‬

From the social point of‭ ‬view‭, ‬we were able to gather the communities‭.‬

On the junior side we had fantastic tournament‭, ‬lots of excitement and acknowledgement to the audience in Kinross and from the travelling teams‭, ‬we thoroughly enjoyed it‭,‬”‭ ‬said Mr Wazar also mentioning Mr Patel‭ (‬also the captain for Kinross United‭) ‬as someone who always reminded them that this year‭, ‬they needed to host it‭. ‬

He also acknowledged the ladies forum‭, ‬tuck shop committee and the whole community for working tirelessly‭. ‬

He also thanked the‭ ‬audience‭, ‬players‭, ‬parents‭, ‬and those coming from neighbouring and visiting‭ ‬towns‭. ‬

“The last two years have been very difficult‭, ‬and I think‭ ‬each one here can identify during the Covid period we‭ ‬all lost close relatives‭, ‬family‭,‬ and friends‭, ‬in particular Kinross community we lost wonderful people that we know would have been with us‭. ‬

Two or three weeks ago we also lost a youngster in our community‭, ‬travelling on the N17‭, ‬he was so active‭, ‬sociable and always with us‭. ‬

But what gives us comfort is that we know they at a better place‭.‬”

Some individuals were also recognized for their contribution and received individual awards‭.‬