EFF PR.Cllr in Govan Mbeki Municiplaity

Byline: Andani Matumba

19 April 2022

Born in Limpopo and raised in Evander, Tracy Seimela over the years became fond of politics as she joined the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) as a student at Gert Sibande TVET College and worked her way up until she was nominated by the people and became the youngest PR Cllr in the Govan Mbeki Council.  

She was raised in a pedi speaking household and started her primary school education at Laërskool Hoëveld in Evander.

“I forced to move from Laërskool Hoëveld along with siblings due to racial exclusions within the school and we went to Shapeve Primary School in Embalenhle that is were I completed my grade 7.

I then went to Osizweni Secondary School were I matriculated in 2014.”

Tracy says she was forced to take a one year gap after matriculation due to some financial constraints but spent her one year after matric upgrading her Mathematics results and went to GS College the following year to further her studies in Business Management which she has just completed.

Her passion for education saw her enrolling at the University of South Africa where she is currently studying towards her LLB degree and not sure whether she should complete the LLB or jump ship to Public Management.

When asked about how she fell in love for politics, Seimela said, 

“When growing up I was a very hyper active girl so I got involved in the Community Policing Forum (CPF) in Evander when I was still in high school and in 2016 during the Local Government Elections when I cast my first vote it was for the EFF that’s when I joined politics.

“Growing up in an ANC family, it was not easy for me, especially knowing the undying love my grandfather had for the ANC.

He just passed on at the age 107 and he was the same age as the ANC so you could not openly oppose the ANC in front of his face.

But I had to join the EFF because I used to see it on television and what caught my attention was the vibrant members and it also spoke to young people.

I was so inspired when they spoke about expropriation of land, the rights of black people and the abolition of tenders because they only benefit a minority group,” said Seimela with passion and without any doubt why she joined the organisation.

“In this term which is just a space of five years, I would like to see our communities grow in such a way that we don’t expose our communities with the sewers that they have to live with on a daily basis, improving the education system around our spaces, ensuring that young people get free and quality education, and also ensuring that women are represented in the spaces where they can be able to contribute to the growth of the communities they live in,” said Seimela after she was asked what changes she would like to see happening within the community she lives in.  

In closing, Seimela said she loves her work because the EFF’s position is to empower black people, ensuring communities within which black people reside, develop and grow into a standard that is sustainable and improving the lives of black people.