Byline: Levhuwani Matumba

28 April 2022

On Thursday, 28 April 2022 Eskom released a statement showing the amount owed by the Mpumalanga municipalities.

According to the statement released, Govan Mbeki Municipality owes Eskom R 2 897 941 285.

“At the end of March 2022, Eskom is owed R13.253 billion by 10 municipalities in Mpumalanga for services rendered.
Eskom supplies bulk electricity to its municipal customers which is re-distributed and consumed,“ said Mr Collin Reddy, General Manager, Distribution Division Mpumalanga.

He further stated that the municipalities receive government grants, as well as payment for services rendered from their loyal customers. However, Eskom remains unpaid for the electricity consumed by these municipalities.

This behaviour of not honouring account payments, threatens the security of supply to the citizens residing in these supply areas, as Eskom cannot continue to maintain its infrastructure and supply electricity for free.

Municipalities’ arrear debt as of 31 March 2022

  1. eMalahleni R 5 978 007 041
  2. Govan Mbeki R 2 897 941 285
  3. Lekwa R 1 535 860 478
  4. Thaba Chweu R 1 046 657 658
  5. City of Mbombela R 694 508 961
  6. Victor Khanye R 465 351 120
  7. Mkhondo R 316 546 859
  8. Msukaligwa R 153 719 572
  9. Dipaleseng R 101 144 506
  10. Emakhazeni R 64 002 110
    Total debt R13 253 739 590

The top four municipalities in debt, on average, accounts for 86% of the overdue debt in the province.

“Municipalities have a constitutional responsibility and duty, not only to Eskom but to their customers, to fulfil their financial obligations for the bulk supply of electricity so that Eskom can, in turn, meet their obligations,” Mr Reddy added.
The total outstanding municipal debt of R13.253 billion in Mpumalanga continues to threaten Eskom’s commitment to ensure continuity of supply and the ability to maintain the network.
Eskom would like to thank those municipalities in the province that prioritise their Eskom account payment.