05 September 2021

Leandra Sports Council has been donating food parcels to the community of Leandra since the beginning of COVID-19.

Mr Thwala was recently a recipient of the food parcel after his story of living in dire situation was published on Seskhona Newspaper. 

“I saw his story on the newspaper and as I passed his house, I could see that he really needs help,” said Mr Abednigo Lukhele from Leandra Sports Council. 

Mr Thwala could not believe that after struggling to put food on the table for such a long time, there is someone who saw it fit to lend a helping hand towards him. 

“I am thankful for the food I received and also wish for them to continue to assist me since I am not working and do not receive any grant,” said Mr Thwala. 

Other food parcel recipients included learners from SS Mushayisa primary School and Mr Ndlovu who is a single parent and unemployed.