Byline: Andani Matumba

05 July 2022

Born and raised in the Eastern Cape, Lwandile Ziwele, a PR Councillor of Govan Mbeki Municipality grew up in a village by the sea side located in Kentane, known as Qolora. 

In his humble beginnings, Cllr Ziwele attended Qolora Primary School from grade 1 till grade 7 then from there, went to high school at Isolomzi JSS where he completed his grade 12.

For tertiary level, he went to Walter Sisulu University where he completed his Diploma in Public Management and further obtained his B. Tech in Public Management. 

When asked how his political career started, Cllr Ziwele said he joined ANCYL 2008 recruited by one of the activists from his village.

“I started to learn, meanwhile following what was happening in politics but it was not something  I took seriously  until I went to university” said Cllr taking us through his political career .  

“When I could not get NSFAS funding, the only people who were in the forefront to assist us were the student political formations. 

From there, I joined South African Student Congress (SASCO),” said Ziwele.

Ziwele says he became very active politics after joining SASCO and also led as deputy chair of the branch and later became a chairperson of the region for SASCO. 

After his graduation, Pr Cllr Ziwele joined the ANCL, therefore was an ANC member before relocating to Mpumalanga. 

Cllr Ziwele says that when he first relocated to Govan Mbeki Municipality things didn’t go well for him within the ANC as he  discriminated against an was constantly reminded that he was not a local since he was not from around the GMM Municipal area. 

Due to the forgoing, could not be afforded an opportunity to lead in the movement, least alone even just an opportunity to show the executive of the ANC branch he was affiliated with how much he understands the organization.

“I joined the ANC  because it’s ideology was do pro and bias to Africans in general and blacks in particular, which in its context is to represent the people and more particularly the poor. 

But that has changed in the ANC, it was no longer about the people but individuals who are busy enriching themselves under the name of ANC. 

Then told myself that this is not what I join ANC for and it was no longer that which it seeks to represent, which is the people.

ATM Cllr Ziwele stated further that his conscious didn’t allow him to stay in the ANC and he left and joined the ATM because of its ideologies speaks of humanism Ubuntu, Peace and Transportation  and those values seeks to address current matters that are faced by the country. 

For his future endeavors, Cllr Ziwele said, “In 5 years to come want to see our society practicing Africanism, which is UBUNTU and leaders who are driven by God’s path within our council.

Our people lack information on the value called Transportation and our role should be to ensure that we transform our people by giving then information so that they do not depend and relay on political parties but to themselves”.

In closing, Cllr Ziwele said he would like to see a council which can put people first, corrupt free municipality, municipality prioritizing employment of young people, working closely with the community and all mining companies to address all challenges faced by our people at Govan Mbeki Municipality.