Byline: Andani Matumba

13 June 2022

A mine next to Brendan village left the area in turmoil after cutting the residents power supply.

The residents of Brendan village, west of Evander in Secunda took to the streets on Friday, 10 June 2022.

The road to Shondoni Mine was blocked due to the strike and the protesters said they were striking due to the electricity supply which was cut-of on Thursday, 08 June 2022 by Evander Gold Mine.

According to Mr Kenneth Boholo, a resident representative of Brendan village, someone from the technical department at the mine gave them a call informing them that a mandate was issued by the mine for the technicians to go and cut out the power supply of the residential area.

He further stipulated that it was alleged that the electricity is being cut off due to non-payment by the residents.

“They are allegations that we are not paying for electricity but the municipality has appointed a company to make collections on its behalf then make payments to the suppliers of the electricity.

“We also have prepaid electricity meters installed in our houses, therefore it would be strange to

We need to find a way to deal with the mine directly as it is the one supplying our electricity either than dealing with a third party because are not certain if the monies collected by the company reaches the respective stakeholders responsible for our services.

During a live video made my Mr Encee van Huyssteen on Friday evening, a truck which transport coal was set alight on the Shondoni road and it was completely burned out with some of the coal spilled on the road.

Van Huysteen reported further that the destruction could have been caused by the continuation of the strike which occurred later on that.

“There are allegations that electricity bill owing of the people of Brendan village is estimated to around R 280 000-00 which is set to be collected before the electricity is switched off,” he said.

Meanwhile the committee representing the residents continues with engagements with the mine and the service provider in order to reach an amicable decision.