Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

17 June 2022

MMC Bethuel Zunguza through his philanthropic gestures continues to bring joy to the homeless people living in the streets across Govan Mbeki Municipality.

Zunguza is a young revolutionary political activist and leader with a mission to change the human face of our country through humanism and philanthropy.

Zunguza’s mission is aimed at bringing relief to the destitute who make a living through begging for food, small change and any other items that could be of use to them. 

“The homeless people and other poverty stricken communities remind us that we are living in a country that is battling with the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment.

In fact, the United Nations has declared South Africa as the most unequal society in the whole world wherein the rich are daily becoming richer meanwhile the poor are becoming more poorer.

This is a serious predicament on all of us and we should be ashamed of ourselves as a nation,’’ said Mr Zunguza

The homeless people have benefited and continue to benefit from Zunguza’s initiative.

Mr Zunguza is planning to enhance his humanitarian work as we approach the International Mandela Day which encourages generosity, giving and philanthropy to those who are less fortunate and destitute communities.

”It should be strongly mentioned that while you enjoy all that you have with your families, you should remember that there are people and families out there that do not have anything. These people appreciate any help that comes their way, always remember to give and share with those that are destitute in your neighborhood,’’ Zunguza said emphasizing the point that  we are all called upon to be kind and compassionate to others.