Thabo Moloi grew up in a normal and loving family, but found himself being a victim of drug abuse.

“I was raised in a good family and used to get everything I needed, especially from my father.

“Things turned ugly when my father left us,” said Thabo who aims to encourage other young people to seek help and stop using drugs.

Thabo further mentioned that he then became desperate and could not easily get money anymore.

He struggled with identity crisis and ended up falling into the hands of wrong company who introduced him to drugs, including nyaope.

“I smoked drugs for years and ended up becoming an addict.

“When you are an addict of nyaope, it’s like you are in prison and it is not easy to get out,” Thabo narrated.

He also mentioned that not working, lack of skills and depression were the driving force for him to continue to

One day he realized that the life he lived with his friends was not good and he decided to change.

“I saw young people die because of drugs and I knew in my heart that I needed help to escape the drug den,” added Thabo whose mother and a younger brother became his pillar of support.

His main focus is to go back to school and become an electrical engineer.

He also wants to be a good father to his son.

“Sometimes I see some of the people I used to smoke with and it pains me.

It is possible to change, especially with the family support.