Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

05 December 2023

Nqobile Shabalala is a youthful, ambitious young model from Mpumalanga-Jericho dam, aspiring to win the Miss South of the equator 2023.

Nqobile said that although she watched runaway shows on TV as a child, her shyness and aspirations for her future led her to pursue a career in modeling because runaway modeling was scarce in her area, she consequently began pageant modeling.

Following her matriculation, she competed in her first pageant, the Miss Mkhondo Pageant, where she received the title of Miss Mkhondo 2nd Princess for 2021.

She further competed in Face of Devotion Mzansi, formerly known as Face of Devotion South Africa, after that year and won both the Face of Devotion Mzansi 2nd Princess 2022 title and the Face of Devotion- Mpumalanga Director’s Choice 2022.

“I learned how a model should act and present herself from these pageants, particularly in the internet sphere. I also discovered that perseverance pays off in the end, and most significantly, pageantry allowed me to forge sisterhood

I am a finalist for the Mr. & Miss South of the Equator 2023 pageant, and qualifying from being a quarter finalist in July to becoming a finalist, it has been quite the ride.

We learn how to represent and set an example for our communities through the pageant. It teaches us to smile at strangers and to be the change we wish to see in the world,” said Nqobile.

Voting using EFT/ATM starts at R20 and costs R2 on the Zapper app.

Cash deposits to the following bank account are accepted for voting: Reference Nqobile Shabalala; Mobile Model: cc FNB; Account Number: 621 731 969 84; Branch Code: 250 655

“I sincerely hope to win this pageant because it will further my goal of raising awareness of menstruation health and hygiene, particularly among schoolchildren. I can really relate to this cause.

Although, I wouldn’t consider myself a sash collector, I would like to use the sash to further my success in whichever manner that I can,” Nqobile added