Byline: Thendo Funyufunyu

Wednesday, 03 May 2023

Members of SAPS from Evander Police Station raised drug awareness at Evander High School on Wednesday, 03 May 2023.

Different stakeholders around Evander participated in supporting the awareness, including Family of South Africa (FAMSA) and Thuthuzela, anorganisation that warns  learners about drug abuse. 

Therefore, more pamphlets were distributed amongst all school learners and educators.

The police have successfully searched all of the 1153 learners enrolled in the school, who are in grades 8 to 12. 

Yet police dogs were also utilized to help with drug and other substance searches, sniffing all of the pupil’s baggage.

During the search, many things which were illegal at school were discovered by the Police Officers. However, the right procedure was followed to discipline such learners.

As a result, in grade 11 one learner was found in possession of cigarettes in class, and Marijuana was discovered in grade 8 hidden on the classroom wall. However, it is alleged that more than 10 learners from the same grade 8 tested positive for drugs.

As police continued with their search, other learners were found with vapour smoke and many cell phones were discovered in class.

Some learners were found selling sweets and they stated that they do that because they don’t have transport money as they are coming from eMbalenhle, therefore they sell at school in order to generate money.

“We are grateful that this effort was carried out at our school, and we thank the SAPS personnel and other participants who helped spread awareness regarding drugs,” said Evander High School Principal, Mr. J Van Wyk.

Furthermore, he said that it is preferable to prevent learners from using drugs than to try to rehab them. However, he added that social workers assist the school by visiting twice a week to assist learners who consume drugs. In addition, he expressed his hope that the school would increase the pass rate this year in comparison to previous year. 

Constable Zuki Mxhotyelwa from Evander Police Station expressed special gratitude and applauded everyone who participated and for all learners together with the educators who co-operated when they were going around all the classrooms.