Notice is hereby given in accordance with the Municipal Systems Act, No 32 of 2000( as amended), the  Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA), Act 53 of 2003, and in terms of the Local Government: Municipal Planning and Performance Management Regulations, 2001 that the Govan Mbeki Municipal Council has adopted its 2024/2025 INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT PLAN (IDP)/ MUNICIPAL BUDGET (MTREF)/ PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (PMS)  PROCESS PLAN, as per Council Resolution A083/08/2023 for the Preparation, Review, and Drafting of the 2024/2025  IDP, 2024/2025-2026/2027 Municipal Budget (MTREF) and 2024/2025 Service Delivery Budget Implementation Plan (SDBIP).

Notice is hereby given and communicated to members of the public in terms of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000 (Chapters 4 & 5), that Govan Mbeki Municipality plans to embark on ward-based IDP Public Consultation Meetings which will be conducted across all 32 wards of its jurisdiction.

Section 29 (1) (b) (i) and (ii) of the Local Government Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000 further requires that the local community be consulted on its developmental needs and priorities, and participate in the drafting of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP), hence the municipality will conduct engagements with communities to ensure its planning is aligned to community needs.

All members of the public, inclusive of all interest groups, sectors, experts, government departments, and the local community are invited to attend the public consultation meetings since Govan Mbeki Municipality wants to ensure that the process is inclusive of developmental inputs from all residents that will be discussed and received. The meetings will be held in accordance with the below schedule.

  19 September 202317H0026AD Nkosi High School
17H0028Milan Park open ground (next to the garage)
17H0022Sead Clinic (eMzinoni)
17H0027Open Ground Next to Mzinoni High School
17H0024Raymond Mavuso Hall
20 September 202317H0026 and 28Ext 13,22 and 23 grounds
17H0023Water Reservoir
17H0011Elitsheni Next to GNF Church Ext 5
17H0013Ext 21 Clinic
17H0019Zamokuhle Primary School
21 September 2023  17H009KaMazabane Church Ext 22(gate 7)
17H0010Maphala Gulube Primary School Embalenhle
17H0014Embalenhle South Hall
17H0031Ukukhanya KweVangeli Church Ext 17 ( Next Municipal Offices)
17H0012Matayereni Ext 18 Embalenhle
27 September 202318H00 28 and 15Bethal Town Hall
18H001Thusong Centre Leandra 
18H0016 &17Kinross Sasol Club
18H0017 & 18GS College Evander
18H005, 21, 25 & 30 and part of 18Lilian Ngoyi Centre Secunda
28 September 202317H006Difa Nkosi Hall
17H001Sidingulwazwi Primary School 
17H003Civic Hall (Lebohang)
17H002RDP Hall (Mbana Masilela Hall)
17H0032Basizeni Special School open ground
03 October 202317H0016Kinross Ext 25 Municipal office
17H0020Vukuzenzile Creche Embalenhle ext 10
17H0013KI Thwala School
17H007Lifalethu School
17H0011Thomas Nhlabathi School 

Should any changes occur with regard to the above-scheduled dates, the public will be notified of such alternative dates.

Members of the public can also direct their written inputs to the following addresses by email: IDP/PM to and  or hand delivered to Rooms 303 and 304 , Third ( 3rd)  floor Secunda Municipal building. Budget-related inputs must be addressed to or hand-delivered to the office of the CFO. For more information, please contact the IDP/PMS office,

Ms. Sharon Parry @ 017 620 6097/ and/or Mr. Thami Zulu @ 017 620 6013 normal working hours (Monday to Friday from 07:30 – 12:00) for assistance.

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Mr. EN Maseko                                                                                                                                       DateMunicipal Manager                                                                                                                                     Notice No219/2023