Byline: Thendo Buasi

Thursday, 17 November 2022

Three (3) children remain homeless after their mother kicked them out of her house and embezzled her child’s RAF money.

The source reported to Ses’khona newspaper that she grew up with three siblings at eMbalenhle Gate 7 and her mother who never introduced them to their biological father for the past 29 years although they were willing to meet him.

However, when they were growing up one of her siblings was struck by a car but survived that tragic incident.

Her mother as guardian claimed for RAF money on behalf of her minor child as the child was still young.

In 2018 the claimed money paid-out and her mother received capital that worth R1 181 060.00 before the disbursements and legal fees were deducted through her then lawyer.

The source further stated that after the money was released her mother got married with another man residing in KZN and they have four children together and abandoned all her first three children where she is focusing on her new family.

“My siblings and I were never treated with kindness by our own biological mother, she chose the other family over us, she never introduced us to our biological father and also stole my sister RAF money and spent the money with other family” said the anonymous source.

In the beginning of 2022, the source and her siblings became suspicious about where their mother was spending all their RAF money because she never does anything for them including the child whom the money belongs to.

Anonymous stated that early this year, February 2022 their mother kicked all of them out her house and she remained with a new family thereafter she bought a new house and a car in KZN where she’s currently residing and never welcomed her children to the old house and she sold meanwhile her children remain homeless.

“After we were kicked out of the house, we were homeless, and at that night we did not know where we going to sleep,” said anonymous  

She further stated that she had to ask her neighbour to sleep only for that night as they didn’t have relative residing around them in eMbalenhle at that time, although her brother started sleeping on the streets and involved himself in substances due to stress that her biological mother caused him and his two siblings, currently he is looking forward to going to rehab.

It is alleged that the siblings are receiving threats to scare them not to speak or report about the said incident.

However, until today the trio has not opened a case as and they remain homeless but they are looking for a place to stay and are pleading with the community for assistance so that her sister can go to school as she matriculated but she doesn’t have money to go to tertiary.