Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

20 November 2022

South Africa has an ongoing petition to ban pitbulls with over 50 000 signatures yet the breeders refuse to accept the harsh reality meanwhile cases of attacks from the breed are reported time to time.

On Wednesday, 16 November 2022 a two (2) year old girl and her twelve (12) year old sister were attacked by a pitbull on their way home from the salon.

The two girls were walking down the streets of Emzinoni when a pitbull suddenly attacked them.

After attempts to fighting for their lives against the pitbull the 12 year old sister managed to escape and went to call out for help meanwhile the pitbull mauled at her younger sister.

An African male who was on the street saw the incident and immediately got a  plank which he used to try and rescue the little girl.

The vicious dog would have mauled her to death as it was attacking her from the head.

The two year old suffered injuries from the head to the lower body, meanwhile the sister suffered bites on one of her breast and hands.

It is alleged the children of the pitbull breed were seen playing with the pitbull which is alleged to have been on a leash at the time.

The mother of the two girls said her two year old child has been traumatised since the incident.

‘’My child has been on the edge ever since the attack, each time she hears a dog bark or sees a dog on television she gets jumpy.

At night she cannot sleep properly as she can only lie on a stomach since she is bruised with the bites on her bums.

I want justice for my children,’’ cried the mother of the two young girls attacked by the pitbull.

It is further alleged that the owners of the breed are bragging that the children suffered minor injuries, up till to date the owners have not taken responsibility towards the attack.

The family of the girls have since resorted to reporting the case with the police and its still in the process.