Byline: Andani Matumba

02 November 2022

A week after her kidnapping, Nkangala District Municipality Municipal Manager, Mrs Margaret Skhosana shared the tragedy of her kidnapping where she and her driver, Ms Gugu Mtsweni were held hostage for seven (7) days and were found in Diepsloot in Gauteng Province.

According to the MM, since the date of their kidnapping on Thursday, 20 October 2022, the duo was held captive in two (2) different houses where they were locked in a room.

She said the kidnappers kept her on a matrass since she did not have her wheelchair and was carried to the toilet by the kidnappers who waited for her until she finished her business.

“When we were moved from the first house to the second house, we were forced to wear balaclavas and had to place our heads on the kidnappers laps so that we could not see where we were being conveyed to,” said Skhosana.

At the media briefing held at Nkangala District Municipality today, 02 November 2022, Skhosana said she feels as though the police did not do enough during their kidnapping and felt that they could have done more.

There are allegations that ransom in the amount of R5million was demanded from the Municipal Managers husband and the said issue on whether ransom was paid still remains sketchy after she failed to answer the question on what the kidnappers wanted when they asked for her husband contact details and why they released her without any conditions being given.

She further urged the media to allow investigation to run it course since it is still currently underway.

In closing, the Municipal Manager rebutted the statement that municipal passwords to the financial system were requested and that the kidnappers only withdrew R 3000 from one of her three accounts.

The Executive Mayor at Nkangala District Municipality, Mrs Leah Mabuza said now they see need the to beef-up security since the cameras facing the entrance gate have poor visual and the municipality is working hand in hand with the security company to ensure that the security upgrade is achieved.